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true love is a big deal.

Posted in Uncategorized by paulina on October 28, 2010

im getting to that age *ahem* that im starting to think about weddings.

i usually hate them. well, hate is too strong a word. but i usually hate the fakeness that comes with a wedding. the commercial / bling / fake white-ness of weddings.

so when Eri sent me this link, i fell in love.

perfect wedding – colours, dresses, decoration, everything. beautiful photography. amazing song. incredible speech. make sure you listen to the song whilst looking at the pictures. also, note the progression from calm, put-together pretty images to drunken-hazy-shotties-dancefloorpashing pics. i love the picture of her mother walking her down the grassy aisle.


please visit the site. viewing the images here isn’t the same.


jonas peterson


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