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Posted in Uncategorized by paulina on September 29, 2010

the camera

Posted in photography by paulina on September 6, 2010

i’ve been scouring the net reading up on P&S cameras, seeing my one is being held intact with sticky tape. and because i love photography, or rather i love the idea of photography, i’ve always been in love with vintage, old school cameras. i love the leather they used on the metal casing, and the crisp sound of the shutter blinking, and the little clicking when you shift from one film to the next.

i saw this while looking at amazon and fell in love:

Unfortunately, Pentax focused too much on the shit-hot vintage look and forgot about what it’s used for. Its so COOL though. But this one is equally sexy, and is very modern-art-Japanese-clean and performs pretty well for a digi:

BUT enough camera reviewing.

Here are some beautiful images of vintage cameras.

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