eyes only.


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a little tired today. and a little stressed from work.

and this put a smile on my face. found in old Nikon which i am clearing out before it completely goes to shutter island (get it. shutter. island?) sigh.

my feet, taken in Paris. what else would you do in Paris? but smoke and drink Kir Royale at 1 in the afternoon.


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stumbled on a site that had these. they are so cool. god knows what you’d do with them. but doesnt matter – they’re tiny, and they are. so. cool.

stay in and draw.

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i love bed. i spend a LOT of time in bed (doesn’t stop me from wanting to spend more time in bed). i love lazy weekend mornings lying about reading in bed. or snuggling with the other half, doing nothing.  there are too many things you can do much better in bed – reading, writing, eating chocolate, painting your nails, watching a dvd and whatnot (insert winky face here).

which is why i think it is important to have an amazing bedroom. a Home Beautiful Home sort of bedroom. it needs to whisper calm and serenity and comfort. and my kind of perfect bedrooms always include these necessary elements:

a great, big comfy bed – of no fussy design, just a nice clean headboard. very simple. and very big.
beautiful thick blankets and pillows
expensive sheets. preferably white
bare wooden floors
shelves / a dressing table with pretty little trinkets on them (not too many)
flowers – white and minimal and sweet
big windows and fabric blinds – lots of natural light
artwork – one beautiful, huge piece or a few smaller frames on one wall
one comfy, leather or fabric reading chair
someone wonderful to snuggle with

charmed, im sure.

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i love this. letterpress, and simple typography on really good, expensive, thick textured stock.

wedding invites should be like this. lots of white, no fluff – just good typography, and good printing.

for today.

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