eyes only.


Posted in Uncategorized by paulina on May 28, 2010

books are hot. they are the most aesthetically pleasing interior element to me. it automatically gives ANY room a comforting, homely, worldly, stylish feel – if stacked properly. it helps that i have so many of them. and i love the smell of them, and i love buying them and rereading them. and when they’re in a lovely row, i love staring at them.

my old housemate and i used to stare at our impeccably decorated wall shelves stacked with hardcovers, strategically placed magazine piles, picture frames and coffee table books that weigh a tonne.  we would literally sit there and admire them in silence, red wine in hand. freaks.

dream spaces

Posted in Uncategorized by paulina on May 25, 2010

wooden floorboards. loft/run-around-naked-and-not-hit-a-thing warehouse space.

high ceilings, exposed bricks, light! lots of light. clean, white furniture and dark wood and amazing artwork.

flowers. one old, comfy, huge armchair of worn leather or with huge cushions. splashes of violent red.

and bookshelves. a shitload of bookshelves.

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